Beef Tacos

Tacos…so simple and so delicious and let’s face it, if you cook them yourself, they’re a healthy meal, full of flavour. These are fast becoming a firm staple during the week because they are really quick and simple to make.

My marinade for this recipe could be used for beef, chicken, fish or vegetable so whatever your personal tastes or dietary requirements, this is a great recipe to try.


200g beef stir fry strips (or use a couple of steaks and slice)

3tbsp garlic puree

2tbsp chilli puree

Juice of one lime

Olive oil

Red cabbage, sliced

Iceberg Lettuce, sliced


Guacamole (check out my recipe for this)

Tortilla wraps (I used GF)


1. To make your marinade, put a glug of olive oil, lime juice, garlic and chilli into a bowl and mix to form a paste. Add your beef and coat thoroughly. Leave for 15minutes.

2. Add your beef to a hot wok and cook for 3-5mins.

3. I created my tacos my layering guac, beef, cabbage or lettuce and topping with coriander.


H x


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  1. These look so look!

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