Pancake Day!

Sorry for the delay in getting some recipes to you guys, things have been a bit hectic at work with a few late nights and very little cooking.

However, it is Pancake Day and what better way to enjoy it than with some delicious banana pancakes. Naturally gluten free, clean, paleo and of course no refined sugar.

Want to give them a try, check out my recipe 🙂

Makes 4


2 bananas

1 egg

1 tbsp. coconut oil


Fruit- I used blueberries and plum



  1. Mash together the banana and egg in a bowl.
  2. Melt oil in a frying pan and circle the pan to ensure its coated.
  3. Add a ladle of the banana mixture to the pan and let cook on one side, using a spatula to go round the sides as its cooks.
  4. Flip and cook on other side.
  5. Repeat until you’ve used all of the mixture.
  6. Stack and drizzle with honey. Serve with a topping of fruit.



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